The Pavati Marine warrior

The Warrior bow is designed to slice through waves, providing the best possible maneuverability under any conditions.

The Pavati Marine legacy

The Legacy is our signature fly-fishing drift boat, with drifter doors, integrated casting stands, and no snag platforms. It’s why we call it the Legacy.

The Pavati Marine guardian

With drifter doors, removable floors, adjustable seating… the Guardian is the most dynamic drift boat you’ll ever see, and only at Pavati.

The Pavati Marine destroyer

The revolutionary hull of the Destroyer is where this boat leaves the competition in the dust. Many features such as a reverse chine, dual reaction chine, and true level lifting stakes make this baby float like a cloud.

The Pavati Marine wildcat

Built just like the pavati destroyer, but with our unique pickle fork bow, giving you more usable interior space than any other boat available.